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Council Of British International Teachers

COBIT supports an estimated cohort of 250,000 teachers currently working in or considering the opportunity to teach in British international schools. We keep you informed of the latest news, improvements and achievements from schools around the world. We focus on news that informs teachers about the working environment and benefits of working overseas. Our easy to use website features individual schools as well as current relevant news stories.

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COBIT provides detailed school profile pages dedicated to informing teachers of the qualities, facilities and school and organisational dynamics. Find everything you need to know in one place. Be informed and prepared follow the COBIT newsfeed!

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Please let us know if you have a news story that  would interest our readers. It could relate to a school development, a change in teacher benefits or contractual expectations, visa updates or a particular teacher achievement. You can contact us at [email protected]

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Teachers join for free! When you register with us and you will qualify for unlimited access to all our online school profiles and news stories and regular newsletter.  Schools or support organisation who wish to join should email us for more details [email protected] 

What is a British International School?

British international schools including well known brands such as Brighton College, Haileybury, Malvern and Harrow are well known, however, most British international schools are free-standing independent schools, with a long tradition of serving expatriate communities and, more recently, local families.

British international schools teach the UK national curriculum, often in combination with the local curriculum or other international curricula, such as the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) or the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Schools use a range of assessments at the primary level (e.g. UK national curriculum tests) and at the secondary level, schools may offer GCSEs, IGCSEs, A-Levels or the IB. International schools also cater for globally-mobile families.



More than 4,300 British international schools operating globally, 45% of the marketplace.



More than 4.5 million pupils studying at more than 8,000 English medium international school



British international schools will require 230,000 more teachers to meet staffing needs by 2029.

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